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Celebrate success with the first trade fair

Are you new to the exhibition circuit? No fear! We have put together important tips to make your first trade fair as smooth as possible - from trade fair planning to exhibition stand design.

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Planning tips for first-time exhibitors

Proper planning for a trade show is an intense process and can be overwhelming for first-time exhibitors.

Register early

Reserve your exhibition space early to take advantage of the early bird price, which gives you scope for surprise expenses. Early registration also leaves more time for planning and stand design. And meet the deadlines! Insert appointment reminders to ensure you don't miss out on early bird discounts on space, services, events, know more about Dubai exhibition stand design company.

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Read your emails

Organizers can send instructions in the months leading up to an event. Therefore, it is very important to stay up to date so that nothing critical is missing.

Insert the visitor list

Many trade shows offer attendee lists to exhibitors (usually for a fee) prior to the event. Review this list carefully to determine which attendees may be most interested in your business. Know more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Use your booth number

Include your stand design stand number on all pre-show promotional materials as this will be the easiest way for interested visitors to find you on the day of the event.

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Create events to make contacts 

Discussion rounds, seminars, workshops, and product presentations are your best friends. They create excellent opportunities to network with other similar companies and participants. These connections can then support your business.

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Make sure you have engaged staff on the stand and provide breaks and backups to avoid fatigue. Keep in mind that the trade fair rent is high and you have to make sure that the trade fair participation is worthwhile.

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Giveaways on the stand construction ensure enthusiasm among visitors and strengthen brand awareness. A well-designed swag will remind visitors of your product or service long after the event is over.

Design your first exhibition stand

A well-designed trade fair exhibit sets the stage for success. This applies to both experienced exhibitors and newcomers. With your goals in mind, create your exhibit design! Whether your focus is on driving leads, sales, or brand exposure, goal setting will help you determine the design, look and feel of your booth. So make sure you define your goals early on. 

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Book a smaller pitch

When planning your first trade fair appearance, avoid the mistake of booking large areas. First, start by evaluating the show's revenue potential. Book the smallest stand space you need to reach your goals when attending an event for the first time. It's always best to start small and overdo it later.

Get to know the stand before designing your exhibit

Each exhibition stand begins as a blank sheet of paper. When designing your first trade show, consider exhibit space before deciding on materials, artwork, graphic design, and stand structures.

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Here are a few questions to consider:

How big is the room?

  • Where is your space in the building?
  • Is the location a low or high-traffic area?
  • Do you have access to lighting or electricity?
  • What companies or companies will be your neighbors?
  • Does the venue have height or structure restrictions that affect your exhibit?

When it comes to your first trade show, there are no stupid people

Questions. Finding the answers to these specific questions will save you time and unwanted surprises down the line.

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Consider renting a booth

A booth could be a good option for first-time exhibitors who want to "test the exhibition halls". If you are planning to exhibit at a trade fair or two, does it make sense to invest in your own trade fair stand?

Make your first event a success

That was a lot of information, but we promise that if you follow these tips, your first trade show will run smoothly. 

Celebrate success with the first trade fair

Are you new to the exhibition circuit? No fear! We have put together important tips to make your first trade fair as smooth as possible - fr...